What does it mean to be fit?  If you ask five people that question you could get five very different answers.  Different ages and different phases of our lives typically result in different perspectives and expectations.  In my opinion, fit means freedom.  Hi…I’m Shannon.  I am an ACE certified personal trainer and I would love an opportunity to talk with you about options that will undoubtedly enhance your lifestyle.

While retiring can allow for many wonderful things…opportunity for time with friends and family, travel, sleeping in, pursuing hobbies or taking an art class…it also means we are close to or have reached an age when our body is experiencing some new or increased challenges.

If you haven’t already, embrace the knowledge we now have about the need for our bodies to stay active in order to stay healthy.  We can allow time and age to take over or we can choose to combat these factors and take charge of what happens to us.  Maintaining our independence and ensuring our freedom of choice are two of the most precious qualities of life we possess.  When your body and mind are healthy these things will be at your disposal. 

So many believe that frailty or weakness is inevitable; that we must trade in the sports car for a walker or that trips to the vacation home have to be swopped out for trips to the local community center for bingo night.  Well, sure, if you love bingo or get tired of driving and walking on your own, but wouldn’t you prefer for it to be your choice?  That’s what fitness equates to…CHOICE.

And don’t ever think you are too old or too out of shape to experience the benefit of exercise.  I have worked with individuals in their 90’s who were just getting started, as well as, folks who spent most of their day in a scooter or wheelchair.  Regardless of your current condition, if you are willing to put in the effort, there is a way to improve your fitness level.

Being fit is not hard, but it’s not easy, either.  I will say this, getting fit is much harder than staying fit.  Once you make it over the hump at the beginning, it’s smooth sailing.

That more difficult, more challenging phase of getting fit…that’s where I come in.  If you’re new to exercise or it’s just been a long time, getting started can quickly become overwhelming.  However, it doesn’t have to take a long time to get into a groove and to find a routine that is right for you, improving your quality of life, maintaining your independence, and I will help you do just that.

Working with individuals who have a debilitating disease such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s or those who have recently been through rehab due to an injury or procedure is what inspires me the most.  I have witnessed how exercise can change the lives of individuals who may have believed there was nothing that could be done.  The benefit of exercise is undeniable.